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Buying Property

We Make Selling Your House Easy & Hassle-Free

If you are considering selling your Spanish property, then our team at Iberia International would to love the opportunity of talking with you. Our industry professionals pride themselves in offering buyers and sellers alike, a complete range of comprehensive professionally mandated services. Lets face it, selling your home will likely be one of the biggest transactions of your life. The Iberia International team will negotiate a better deal for you, dedicate more time and more resources to your home sale. We will bring expertise to a complex transaction with many financial and legal pitfalls. We´ve negotiated hundreds of home sales, we know all the games as well as the warning signs of a nervous or disingenuous buyer. Don’t leave it to all to chance, sell your home with Iberia International and let the professionals get to work.

Here's a sneak preview of some of our techniques

Benefits of Selling with Iberia International 

  • International team with solid proven track record and solid industry experience
  • Professional photographs of your home
  • Free price valuation based on up to the minute market research using the best sources of industry data.
  • Monthly performance report and feedback

With our International sales network you can be certain your property will achieve maximum exposure.

  • +600 agents on the Costa Blanca
  • +300 associates in Spain
  • Established partner network in Europe, USA and Russia

Professional and Effective Real estate marketing Campaign

  • Targeted newsletter campaigns to over 6.000 potential customers
  • Advertising on +200 leading national & International website portals, ensuring the widest and most effective marketing for your property.
  • Targeted advertising campaigns on social media
What will I have to pay to sell my Spanish property?

Lets take a look at the tax obligations when you sell your property in Spain, as non resident:

Plusvalía. This is a municipal tax payable to the local council, based on the increase of the official value of the land between the purchase and the sale dates. This is normally a very modest amount of a few hundred euros.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Unlike the plusvalia, this tax is based on the actual profit obtained. Currently, Non Residents in Spain have to pay 19% on the profit. The Spanish Tax Authority withholds 3% from the sale of your property. This is taken directly from the purchaser so that you only receive 97% of the amount the property was sold for. Of course, if you have no tax liability at all because you are losing money with the sale, or your liability if less than the 3% retained, you will be entitled to a total or partial tax rebate, depending on the case.

Now let’s look at the costs that are typically involved when you sell your property in Spain.

Estate Agency fee.  When contracting any professional company, individual or organisation to provide you with legally compliant services, you expect to pay for that high level of expertise, support and advice that you´ll receive. The same applies when enlisting the services of any professional established estate agency on the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida regions of Spain. Its highly recommended that you look beyond the % fee that’s offered and that you actually understand how an agency can make the difference to you in achieving the sale of your home. Contact us directly for information on our selling services. Email, info@iberiainternational.com

Mortgage cancellation costs. If there is a mortgage on the property that you want to sell, even it you paid it off years ago, you need to make sure that the mortgage has been removed from the Land Registry, you can instruct your lending bank to do this on your behalf

What documents are needed when selling my property in Spain?

We will ask you for copies of the following documentation in order to list your property for sale. You will also be asked to sign have to sign a “Mandato de Venta” which give us your authorisation to market your property for sale.

The 7 documents you need prior to listing you house for sale in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida regions of Spain

  • Title Deed or Nota Simple of the property that confirms you are the owner.
  • Copy of your NIE number.
  • Certificate of Habitation. This is a certificate that means that the property complies with the town hall’s habitation requirements. If your property is brand new then it will have been issued with what’s called a first occupancy licence or Licencia de Primera Ocupación
  • Energy Performance Certificate. An energy performance certificate has been mandatory since 2013. The seller must provide the energy performance certificate
  • Copy of the latest SUMA (IBI) receipt, showing that you are up to date with this payment.
  • Copies of the latest paid electricity and water bills.
  • Copy of the latest paid receipt for Community Fees (if applicable)

Contact us to see how Iberia International can help you sell your property in Spain, email info@iberiainternational.com

Tips on How I can sell my Spanish Property ?

Talk to Iberia International and discover how we can help you sell your Spanish property. If you have a property on the Costa Blanca or Costa Calida regions of Spain that you wish to sell, then you´ll need the help of seasoned professionals with the latest technology and reporting. The length of time to sell your property can be influenced by many factors, so the importance of choosing the right estate agency to represent your property is essential.

Here are a few important tips to consider then making the decision to sell your home.

Tip #1: Price it Right

It all starts with the having the right price. Many sellers think that because property prices are picking up again and they will get as much money as before the property bubble. This isn’t the case and prices are around 30% lower than highest peak of 2007 (according to TINSA). Iberia International will provide you with a Free Valuation based on real time data of comparable homes allowing us to position your home where it needs to be in the market.

 Tip #1: Consider Home Staging for your Property

Our agents are experts, they can walk through your home with you and point out changes you need to make to attract buyers and get the best offers. They can see flaws you’re oblivious to because you see them every day—or because you simply don’t view them as flaws. However, Home staging is a highly recommended practice that has been around for several years and consists of preparing your property for it to appeal to the highest number of potential buyers. A survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that staged homes sold in half the time than non-staged homes. Food for thought when dealing with such a large value asset.

Tip #3:  Marketing and Promotion of you Home

There are many different ways that a professionally recognised estate agency such as Iberia International will present, promote and market your home. In today´s industry there are many tools and methods used to ensure your home not only achieves national and international coverage, but coverage given to your home is done in a methodical and targeted manner geared towards specific groups and potential buyers. The one size fits all approach is not an efficient method of achieving the best results. We use far more complex tried and trusted methods to ensure we achieve the best results for our sellers. Contact us directly for our “Sellers pack” and discover how Iberia International can help you sell your Spanish property.

Tip #4: Documentation

Have all your documentation ready to go and all in hand. There is nothing worse than having a buyer who´s ready to go, ready to commit and ready to pay, only to discover that there is a complication in the documentation or a missing piece to the puzzle. This puts buyers off and causes un-necessary delays and costs. Don’t let than happen to you.

Do I Have to be There in Person When Selling My Spanish Property?

The simple answer to this is “no”, if you have granted your solicitor, gestor, estate agent or representative a power of attorney to act on your behalf, they can take care of the entire process on your behalf.  It is highly recommended to grant a power of attorney for the property sale.

A power of attorney can be signed before a notary in Spain, which is the simplest and most economical option; at any Spanish Embassy or Consulate abroad; or before a notary public in your country of residence, in which case the document will need to be translated into Spanish and legalised with the Hague Convention apostille stamp.

A power of Attorney will allow the authorised person or representative to carry out a large number of procedures on your behalf, such as cancelling and transferring utilities contracts, cancelling direct debits, cancelling insurance policies, notifying the Town Hall and the community of property owners of the conveyance, processing the cancellation of and mortgages and loans you might have at the Register, submitting documents to official entities, presenting tax statements, and requesting any adjustments or refunds that you may be eligible for.

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